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Is It Ironic That...?

26 I bought a mindfulness colouring book to help with stress but got wound up because I couldn't find a yellow felt tip pen I needed....

27 Is it ironic for a realy big dog to be scared of a small puppy

28 he loved his new job as much as a root canal

29 a fire station burns down because all were sleeping

30 I think members of a group are annoying when I am one of the members?

31 i play basketball basketball without a ball

32 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words and its also one of the longest words in the dictionary....

33 there are Transformers that have lost their ability to transform?

34 Sylvester Stallone actually gets knocked in a "Rocky" film?

35 an air-conditioner unit bursts into flames?

36 Mississippi's license plates are made in Canada?

37 people make fun of other people when the same thing happens to them?

38 While Google arriving should have been a boost to the local economy, many of the businesses it nestled amongst were destroyed by the technologies the new site allowed it to develop....

39 Even from deep inside the kitchen, Luke could tell the trees were missing because everything was brighter, more open. Scarier....

40 CSI: Miami has never been filmed in Florida?

41 the sheriff of Yazoo County is named Jacob B. Sheriff?

42 a man whose last name is Law gets arrested for sexual battery of a 15-year-old girl?...

43 an O.J. Simpson accuser was arrested for a probation violation?

44 Nomad (Jack Monroe), who supports animal rights, wears a leather jacket?...

45 breweries demand consumers to "drink responsibly"?

46 The UK voted to leave the EU - an organisation whose sole role is the improvement of the lives of its citizens - in favour instead of sitting around with less trade, less employment and less opportunity for it current and future sons and daughters?...

47 a woman arrested for shoplifting is a criminal justice major?

48 A tow truck is involved in an accident?

49 a tow truck breaks down?

50 a TV station's general manager said "There's more to life than TV"?