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Welcome to Is It Ironic? The definitive English writer's resource for the definition of irony as well as hundreds of examples of irony, both in literature and real life uses and misuses. This site is dedicated to helping you answer questions about all types of irony, including examples of sarcasm, which some folk continue to find confusing.

Our aim with this site is to help people understand and collaborate towards the real meaning and correct usage of what is "ironic", backed up with examples of what is and what isn't irony, from the classic Alanis Morissette song "Ironic", to providing you with other resources for understanding English, Writing and Literature.

Judging by its constant, and sometimes baffling, misuse, it is clear that irony is a very misunderstood concept. If you have the time or inclination, we'd love to hear about your own examples of what you think is ironic, perhaps things you've heard or read that you're sure aren't examples of irony at all, but more likely examples of workaday coincidence. Tell us your examples of irony here.

We hope you enjoy sifting through the many thousands of examples of irony that we now have online, and continue to grow on a daily basis. Have fun!