Examples of irony

Welcome to our examples of irony section. This section is split between commonly available examples from literature, to your own examples that you'd like to discuss on this site, and ask the question "Is it ironic that...?".

If you have an example of something ironic (or not!), add your ironic question.

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Is It Ironic That...?

1 Paul Walker, actor from Fast and the Furious, died in a fiery car crash?...

Category: Death

2 Tim Schrader, an Australian convicted in Thailand for heroin smuggling and sentenced to death, received a Royal pardon on medical grounds after contracting HIV as a result of sharing needles during his heroin use while in prison....

Category: Irony

3 "A Nebraska teenager - dressed as a mobile breathalysing unit for a Halloween party - was pulled over on his way home and arrested for drink-driving." - The Daily Mail (UK)...

Category: Death

4 a tree dedicated to George Harrison has been killed by Beetles?

Category: Music

5 ...if you have a phobia of longs words you have to tell people that you have Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia?...

Category: Irony

6 Picking up pocket kings playing online Texas Holdem only to lose to pocket aces. Then picking up the beautiful pocket aces yourself only to loose to pocket kings hitting that measly three of a kind on the river. That's (well known) poker irony...

Category: Sport

7 there is a song about the phobia of music?

Category: Music

8 a domestic violence prosecutor in the US has recently been charged with domestic violence

Link to Story...

Category: News

9 A link at the bottom of the web page which reads "Accessibility" and is for those with disabilities such as partial-sightedness, is light grey on a white background and is in a very small font?...

Category: Technology

10 bears are actually hairy?

Category: Animal