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Is It Ironic That...?

1 in many Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, the Southern Cross constellation represents the first coming of death, but the British chose to put it on the Australian flag right next to the Union Jack. Or is that just a genocide thing?...

2 then the Indian corner-shop's yellow sign bursts though the grey

3 Its ironic that A woman thinks her boyfriend is acting strangely because he's about to propose, but the audience knows that he is planning to run away with another woman, intensifying emotions....

4 famous people are best known when they die?

5 is it ironic that our parents died on the same day?

6 is ironic that our parents died on the same day?

7 you jump from the Niagara Falls and survive, and a week later die from stepping on an orange peel and slip....

8 i saw this in a video, this is not supposed to be ironic, i just saw this site on a video and looked it up as a joke....

9 somebody who killed someone sleeps sound like the dead?

10 being kicked out of the military for murdering people and returning home, only to be employed as a hit man....

11 A man is killed by a falling hard hat

12 A man is killed by a falling hard hat

13 if a doctor has a stroke and dies while operating on a patient

14 An old man turned ninety-eight He won the lottery and died the next day...

15 a person afraid to fly died when a plane crashed on their house

16 a log is burning a human for warmth?

17 A person is trapped in a room they once thought as safe?

18 Carrie Fischer is dead in real life, but her character in The Last Jedi is still alive at the end of the movie, while Mark Hamill is alive, but his character is dead at the end of the movie...

19 Someone who buys a book which tells them how to kill them selves however the book is written in Chinese, which he cannot read....

20 A doctor died of a disease.

21 Is it ironic that a neuroanatomist gets a stroke?

22 A jail warden is sentenced to a life in prison?

23 your dead

24 the inventor of the stop sign died when he failed to stop at an intersection?...

25 An individual dying by tripping over a dead mans boots.