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Ironic Questions: Love

Is It Ironic That...?

1 Is it ironic to watch a valentine movies before valentine's day?

2 Is it ironic that a woman who is not married is giving advice to her friend that is married?...

3 I hate you so much, because I can't get you in my life

4 I found my match but still looking. its good to have options..

5 Two people met and only wanted a one night stand and are now getting married....

6 the love of your live doesn´t love you

7 the man protagonist of the film is in love with the antagonist and he is about to confess his love for her but she doesn't know?...

8 is it ironic that my two sisters are in love with my husbund?

9 you meet the girl of your dreams and then meeting her husband.

10 I've matched with an ex girlfriend on multiple dating apps

11 to fall in love with the son of a couple you hate.

12 Love is all about nature that is why im loving it.

13 Saying "stop fucking cursing cunt!"

14 Is it ironic that how everything has changed between the two of us?

15 My husband cheated on me when his number one rule in our relationship was loyalty and trust...

16 To love someone after marriage?

17 My favorite person in this world is a girl I felt in love years ago and got over it few years later. But this girl has avoids me since the beginning until this day, and it still makes me feel empty and lonely. Sometime, I want to talk to her so bad, but I got to a point where I became an annoyance to her. She treats me like a complete stranger. (Of course she knows me)...

18 I fell in love with my worst enemy's sister.

19 I lived in a building where they didnt have a super and now that I moved out I'm dating a super....

20 i smiled but crying insidec

21 Is it ironic that seeing the sad, disappointed faces of beautiful young women I dreamed of bedding in my youth watch as the handsome gay men at the bar ignore them....

22 I had my heartbroken whilst I was singing a love song?

23 I always use to cry when i laugh but then i was raped by a clown

24 Two people assume but say they want to avoid looking foolish

25 The guy I'm dating is horrible at texting - is it ironic that when he wanted to talk he texts saying "it doesn't take that much to respond to a text message" Sure it doesn't but yet he takes more than 12 hours to reply back!...