The Misuse of Irony and Ironic

If you have seen, read or heard of any blatant misuse of irony from any of the following, or you suspect that a particular writer has no concept of the actual meaning of the word "irony", please let us know!

How to spot the misuse of irony

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  • Goth poetry - 30 March 2006

Ironically, with Teddy Sheringham introduced as a late substitute for the visitors and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Dwight Yorke watching from the directors' box, three of Ferguson's 1999 treble-winning strikeforce were in the stadium.

Coincidentally? Interestingly? Ironically?!

Mike Skinner (The Streets) - "When you wasn't famous" - February 2006
Anyway, I had to rest my beer hat, delete my dealer's number and unroll my bank notes.
And we were on borrowed time anyway, what with the daily toilet papers not knowin'.
And I knew that when the people who thought they knew you, when they found out, I would've been mocked.
Which is ironic, 'cos in reality, standing next to you I look f*cking soft.

I'll be honest, since most of the above isn't actually English then it's difficult to properly slam it for using "ironic" in a poor way. But I will slam it anyway because I have no doubt that, even though I don't understand it, it will have been used incorrectly. If anyone can help me out with this, please let me know using our enquiry form.