About was born when, over a period of a few weeks, the founder (if that isn't too twee an expression) found himself asking the question "Is it ironic that..." when stumbling across items that he thought were ironic. In particular, a leaflet promising a "professional" service caused him to pause and wonder.

Prior to this clearly epoch making occasion, "irony" was an oft discussed topic around the workplace, fireplace and latrines. Often the conversation would sway towards Alanis Morissette and her song "Ironic", which would always bring about a great deal of mirth. But there was more than joy and happiness here - once the laughter stopped it was clear that actually the whole definition of irony was massively misunderstood and no-one really had a particularly good grasp of what was or was not ironic. Indeed, those who did have a reasonable grasp were unable to explain it to the satisfaction of the plebian amongst us who did not understand. was founded in 2006 by Paul Lowton, a simple farm boy who grew to be a man of splendour and valour. He dines daily, and washes at least that often. By night he finds himself contemplating the nature of gasses; during the day he makes lots of different websites and owns the funny horoscopes website