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Ironic Questions: Animal

Is It Ironic That...?

51 Steve Irwin was killed by a sting ray

52 NURSE shark needs MEDICAL attention

53 You put a string around your bathroom tab so the cat doesn't accidentally open the tab, and the cat then opens the tab because it's attracted to playing with the string?...

54 some years ago, I had left my copy of the book "Watership Down" on the floor of my bedroom, and my sister's pet rabbit came in and chewed most of the cover off....

55 I named my cat after Erwin Schrodinger?

56 a man went to great lengths to protect an endangered species but his actions unintentionally led to its extinction?...

57 Is it ironic that there are a bunch of timber wolves in a zoo who've lost most of their "wildness" and are basically dogs, and there's a sign saying "tribute to the Timber Wolves"?...

58 Is it ironic that I laughed when my friend was scared of a dog but screamed and ran away when one barked at me?...

59 a bull dog does not relate to a bull

60 In a picture of a bunny, the ran boy's ears are not seen, but instead a person's hand is shown making "bunny ears" behind its head....

61 The Beaver got stuck under a tree chew iorny

62 A dog ate itself to deat?

63 Dogs live for 15 years and they walk, run and jump and turtles live for 150 years and they don't do anything??...

64 a jellyfish is neither made of jelly or a fish?

65 the giant homicidal T-Rex is the ancestor of chickens?

66 my dog got ran over by a animal resuce truck

67 A goldfish called shark

68 I named my cat after a famous mouse, Mickey.

69 i named my dog cat?

70 a chicken named Lucky lives in a slaughterhouse?

71 I noticed that a snail was on a sidewalk, and I was scared that it would get stepped on. So, I picked it up to carry it to safer place, only to accidently step on another snail along the way..?...

72 A turtle ran away from home.

73 A solidier got arrested for stealing his own cow

74 I moved a snail off the path so it wouldn't get stepped on, only to, whilst walking to a spot to put the snail to safety, step on and crush another snail?...

75 hippie vegan feeds her cats with food that contains meat?