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Is It Ironic That...?

76 Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team?

77 Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team.

78 Skiing was canceled on account of snow.

79 a softball coach taught us a new way to swing the bat to make the ball go further, but when she tried it the ball only made it to the pitcher's mound....

80 From the BBC - following a footballer from Ghana called Boateng, badly tackling a German player Ballack and preventing him from taking part in the World Cup.

"Ironically, Boateng could be part of the Ghana squad that will face Germany in Group D at the finals in South Africa."

81 Picking up pocket kings playing online Texas Holdem only to lose to pocket aces. Then picking up the beautiful pocket aces yourself only to loose to pocket kings hitting that measly three of a kind on the river. That's (well known) poker irony...

82 footballers protect their balls?

83 boxing is called a noble sport, yet the people who do it are aggressive violent thugs...