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Ironic Questions: School

Is It Ironic That...?

151 I went to France to major in English language

152 Is it ironic that extra credit in gym class is to bake homemade cookies for the gym teacher?...

153 Is it ironic that I don't have a life from trying to build a life?

154 A student still remembers a particular teacher

155 a student's toughest teacher turns out to be his favorite teacher

156 a student ends up enjoying his high school journalism class

157 toothache is stopping me from revising for my dentistry exams.

158 a PE or health teacher is fat

159 a guy fails the test he studied for and passes the test he didn't study for...

160 I realized with horror that the essay I had written condemning bad grammar contained a flagrant grammatical mistake?...

161 if you skip school, you get suspended from school.

162 you are so smart that you get a 20% on your test

163 A king is being kind and giving away things to a citizen who is plotting to kill him?...

164 you get 100% on a spelling test but spelled your name wrong.

165 Childish persons telling who is kiddish and who isn't

166 an obese teacher is teaching the class about healthy food or physical exercise?...

167 A Spanish teacher believes English to be a Romance language?

168 A university creates an initiative to improve "student success" and cites findings which indicate that "students who parent are desperately in need of support yet remain largely invisible in the eyes of higher ed. institutions. Therefore, these students do not receive the support they need to succeed in college." The university's "student success" initiative then focuses no attention whatsoever on this population of students....

169 a student who is ill unrolls from class, does not participate in class, has less than a 50% in class, and more often is absent on important due dates for class, gets 100% on the final exam and one who is the exact opposite fails the test....

170 a math teacher doesnt know how to multiply...sexually

171 at my school we are doing an umbrella dance on the field, but if it rains, it will be cancelled?...

172 the school i once went to in elementary i now own

173 a kid tries to make friend but other kids with similar interests and things in common want nothing to do with him. But - kids with nothing in common and no similar interests do try to make friends with him...

174 you wanted to take a test but failed it?

175 a kid was caught cheating on an open book test