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151 Amiable and always ready with a listening ear, she's popular with adults and children alike. How ironic then that she struggled to get pregnant, eventually giving birth to Abbie in 2007.

152 Salma Hayek is ophidiophobic yet she danced with a python around her in ''From Dusk Till Dawn''...

153 a millionare winning the lottery

154 I was sent this joke SAN FRANCISCO MAN BECOMES FIRST AMERICAN TO GRASP SIGNIFICANCE OF IRONY - Jay Fullmer, 38, yesterday became the first American to get to grips with the concept of irony. "It was weird," Fullmer said. "I was in London and, like, talking to this guy and it was raining and he pulled a face and said, "Great weather, eh?" and I thought "Wait a minute, no way is it great weather." Fullmer then realised that the other man's 'mistake' was in fact deliberate. Fullmer, who is 39 next month and married with two children, aged 8 and 3, plans to use irony himself in future. "I'm, like, using it all the time," he said. "Last weekend I was grilling steaks and I burned them to shit and I said "Hey, great weather!". Is saying "hey, great weather" ironic, or is it sarcasm?...

155 a domestic violence prosecutor in the US has recently been charged with domestic violence

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