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Ironic Questions: Love

Is It Ironic That...?

176 couples who are blinded by love usually get their sight back

177 I kissed a boy in front of my best friends at school?

178 is it ironic that i had my first deep/french kiss at church?

179 Time heals all wounds with the exception of my longing to be with you

180 you always love your kids but can grow to hate your person who made them with you...

181 two marriage therapists got divorced from each other?

182 Isn't it ironic that the girl i want to marry is a wedding planner...

183 a woman loves a man so much, and she tries so hard to please him and keep him, that, that it is what eventually drives him away?...

184 an infatuated boy leaves a girl flowers to wish her luck during her upcoming recital. Her protective father becomes upset that she's getting flowers from boys and as a result of the argument over the good luck flowers, she is late and misses the recital....

185 the irritated couple sat down to have a friendly argument.