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1526 a child who believes that lucky charms are actually lucky gets killed in a car crash hours later....

1527 a bunch of idiots dance on a plane to a song who was made famous by a band where most of its members died in a plane crash....

1528 there is a no dinking sign next to a pub

1529 when a racist man who hates black people, loves rap

1530 a rough looking biker dressed in leather, sporting multiple viper and skull tattoos walks out of a diner and gets in a light pink colored Toyota Tercel?...

1531 A person is given a cat for christmas

1532 A man goes to work without realizing it's his day off

1533 A person trips, which causes him to notice a $20 bill.

1534 A cat is named "bob"

1535 that I saw my closest friend at an airport across country

1536 a store priced a stripper pole at $69.

1537 when an annoyed listener says 'You sure know a lot' to someone who is arrogantly and offensively showing off knowledge....

1538 a sky dive that is afraid of heights

1539 you're the hit man and you get killed

1540 no matter what you say in court it is always wrong

1541 Jane is always late for work so one morning she decides to rush to work twice the speed of sound. She gets stuck in rush hour traffic and she is late - again. She gets frustrated and says: Jane: I'm in time again!...

1542 Tim Schrader, an Australian convicted in Thailand for heroin smuggling and sentenced to death, received a Royal pardon on medical grounds after contracting HIV as a result of sharing needles during his heroin use while in prison....

1543 irony is so poorly understood?

1544 the procrastinator's meeting has been postponed

1545 The founder of WikiLeaks sues over the leak of his police report and medical history....

1546 A lawyer gets sued

1547 Currency is worthless and relative

1548 this website isn't ironic.

1549 a female slave's job is to produce more slaves with a married man? (female slave and married man are not married together)...

1550 slave owners want to be free.