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1376 I am on my way to a CPR(cardiopulmonary resuscitation) class in the middle of a blizzard & have a bad car accident requiring medical personal to use CPR on me to save my life....

1377 Stating the obvious is somehow equated to pointing out the ridiculous.

1378 The fashion designer is a nudist.

1379 someone who drives a ford focus has ADD?

1380 a man injured in a shooting buys a gun to protect himself

1381 the energizer bunny gets charged with assault and battery

1382 A criminal kills himself to escape death penalty

1383 the question below me is amazing and the owners of this site are just jealous?...

1384 When a cop ask a person who might have broken into their house, the home owners says a name. Turns out the cop went to high school with that person...

1385 This question is ironic.

1386 Is it ironic that a website devoted to educating the public on the proper use of irony is full of examples the readers deem ironic, but has reached the verdict on nearly all of them that the examples are "not ironic"... or better stated, is it ironic that I must wait to see the verdict on this example to figure out if I know the definition of irony based on this website?...

1387 a sick seal that was recently taken care of and healed by marine doctors was let back into the ocean, only to be attacked and eaten by sharks 2 minutes later...

1388 someone accuses unnamed people of being passive-aggressive in their facebook status....

1389 a human bites a vampire.

1390 a child who believes that lucky charms are actually lucky gets killed in a car crash hours later....

1391 a bunch of idiots dance on a plane to a song who was made famous by a band where most of its members died in a plane crash....

1392 there is a no dinking sign next to a pub

1393 when a racist man who hates black people, loves rap

1394 a rough looking biker dressed in leather, sporting multiple viper and skull tattoos walks out of a diner and gets in a light pink colored Toyota Tercel?...

1395 A person is given a cat for christmas

1396 A man goes to work without realizing it's his day off

1397 A person trips, which causes him to notice a $20 bill.

1398 A cat is named "bob"

1399 that I saw my closest friend at an airport across country

1400 a store priced a stripper pole at $69.