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Ironic Questions: Food

Is It Ironic That...?

151 a health teacher is too fat

152 people who eat like horses and look like sticks

153 It's Ironic how I'm stuffed after a slice of pizza.

154 what if the guy who invented McDonald's was a vegetarian?

155 a city in Texas called Coffee City is mostly visited to buy beer?

156 A Fat person gets stuck in a door at a fast food outlet

157 a tomato costs more money than ketchup does.

158 a bumper sticker should read "Keep the government off our farms!" over a watermark of FDA and USDA in the shape of a footprint, given that in 2011 thirty-eight percent of American farmers benefited from tax payer funded farm subsidies?...

159 My family owns a dairy, I work at a frozen yogurt shop and I just found out I'm lactose intolerant. Ironic?...

160 The sausages cooked at a gastronomers' barbeque gave everybody food poisoning...

161 someone with the initials SMA is allergic to milk

162 The worlds largest ice cream cone is made by a factory called Tiny Dairies...

163 My gallon of milk turned into yogurt when I left it in the refrigerator after a month....

164 I was once a vegetarian who worked at Chick-fil-A

165 A police officer asks you if you would like a donut?

166 The Burger King King was spotted at McDonalds!

167 iced-tea and iced-coffee

168 the brand "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!" is made from butter...

169 a lactose-intolerant person owns an ice cream parlor?

170 the owner of a butcher shop is a vegetarian?

171 a gummy bear is rock hard?

172 I stole a milkshake from a friend and got away with it. As I got in the car, it spilled all over the car....

173 I drink lactose free milk

174 ...a very athletic, health- conscious man goes to McDonalds everyday...

175 ...a very obese man goes to McDonalds everyday...