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Ironic Questions: Food

Is It Ironic That...?

126 you're eating Chick Filet when you have chicken pox?

127 ...a Pepsi Co. worker will only drink Diet Coke?

128 I bought donuts for myself at the 711 for breakfast and I came to work and there's a rare company breakfast....

129 Is it ironic that Ronald McDonald walks into Burger King?

130 i saw a hotelier begging for food...

131 fruit is in chocolate, i.e fruit and nut chocolate

132 i hate tomatoes but love ketchup.

133 i hate peanut butter but love peanuts and peanut brittle?

134 I'm watching Masterchef whilst eating pork scratchings?

135 non balanced diet makes a healthy body

136 A person serving his or herself milk but, leaving a centimeter of milk left....

137 wats ironic a grocery store with no food

138 Folk at a whole foods market cafe are eatting organic pink butter cream cupcakes, chocolate donuts with sprinkles, gelato, peporroni pizza, and sipping a latte!...

139 Is it ironic that you visit an aquarium and it talks about protecting fish and later for dinner you eat a lot of sushi?...

140 ..watercress soup contains more potato than watercress

141 fat people drink diet coke?

142 strawberries and watermelons eat people

143 Grape-Nuts cereal contains no grapes or nuts?

144 Is it ironic to eat a french dish on an american holiday (thanksgiving)...

145 the only clean glasses that you have are Coca-Cola glasses and the only soft drink available is a Pepsi brand?...

146 she don't like citric dishes BUT she loves preserved plums! So funny and ironic!...

147 Organic Coffee served in a Styrofoam Cup

148 a health teacher is too fat

149 people who eat like horses and look like sticks

150 It's Ironic how I'm stuffed after a slice of pizza.