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Ironic Questions: Animal

Is It Ironic That...?

76 A solidier got arrested for stealing his own cow

77 I moved a snail off the path so it wouldn't get stepped on, only to, whilst walking to a spot to put the snail to safety, step on and crush another snail?...

78 hippie vegan feeds her cats with food that contains meat?

79 Is it ironic that the snake Harry Potter released in book 1 was Voldemort's last horcrux (Nagini) in book 7?...

80 a frozen meat truck hits a cow

81 ...a shark is on a vegetarian diet?

82 a Great Dane was named "Tinkerbell?"

83 The rescue animal center had murdered an animal.

84 A guy named a dog gygantor but the dog was smaller then a cat

85 bears are acually hairy

86 A bear eats a guy in a PETA shirt.

87 a horse loves eating mettwurst?

88 they have a rat infestation on the Sanitation Department

89 Someone who is scared of mice, looks like a mouse.

90 you were going to put your dog to sleep until you realize that you ran over him...

91 Fish can get seasick.

92 a dog is mistaken for a cat

93 you are walking down a street and you pass a house that has a sign on the side gate that says "Beware of Dog". You pause and look through the bars and a few seconds later a chihuahua comes running up...

94 a dog is named cat?

95 a cat barks as a meow?

96 Is it ironic that in the movie 'Jurassic Park', Dr. Grant gives a lecture about how dangerous raptors are to a kid who suggested it just looks like a "six foot turkey", and now it's been discovered that raptors were shorter and covered in feathers...more like a turkey?...

97 on the way to taking my dog to the vet i hit and killed a cat with my car...

98 If the next time I get an invite to "Happy Pets" on facebook, I buy a puppy, and putting it in a blender?...

99 bears are actually hairy?

100 Monkey see,monkey do...go to the zoo acting like a monkey in front of a monkey and he throws a banana at you...