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On the Facebook page for Global Witness, Dalma Kalogjera "reviewed" Global Witness as follows: "The very model of trashy reporting because, today, trash can do reporting without any hindrance whatsoever. Internet insists that there will be no regulation, period. Without regulation, you have trash who will attack anybody and do other peoples bidding-Since there is no loyalty. you can get dumb people, feed them a few slogans to cut and paste insults and you are in business!" It appears that Ms. Kalogjera has no personal experience with Global Witness, and therefore isn't qualified to write a user review of the organization. Furthermore, her statement is overly generalized, cites no specific examples, and fails to present a coherent argument. Instead, she simply attacks Global Witness in a random fashion, hurling insults in a way I would certainly describe as "trashy." Besides being batshit crazy, is this ironic? Thanks, Heather Thompson, Lakewood, CO

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