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Years before, Bob, a (supposedly) reformed ex-con, hid a stash of diamonds. After years of living honestly, but meagerly, he finally quits his job, retrieves his diamonds, puts them in a bank safety deposit box, and begins selling them a few at a time as his means to live. Another man, Fred, is associated with a criminal gang. But he is also a paid informant to the police. Feeling the heat, Fred accuses Bob of actually being the snitch, pointing out that even though Bob no longer works, his lifestyle has improved significantly. The gang kidnaps Bob, intending to force him to reveal information about his supposed informing before they murder him and dispose of the body. Interrogating Bob, they learn of his actual means of income. They believe his story. They'd love to acquire his huge stash of diamonds, but determine that attempt to do so now, after having committed the kidnapping, is too risky. Had they known in advance, they could have figured out a way to get those diamonds. But now that Bob's missing, the cops will soon investigate his disappearance. The clock is ticking, and there's no time for the criminal gang to find a way to acquire the diamonds. The criminal gang stumbled upon a treasure that became unreachable by virtue of the fact that they stumbled upon it.

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