Irony Example : Is it ironic that i found myself in a situation today, where i wanted to correct......

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The following question was asked on 26th March 2015 by one of our readers. Have you ever wondered whether something you've read or heard is ironic or not? Remember to ask us a question!

Is it ironic that...

Is it ironic that i found myself in a situation today, where I wanted to correct someone's grammar, but lacked the language to do so? Allow me to explain: Today I wanted to show someone why it was grammatically incorrect to say that an brand of apple juice was the "most tastiest". But I discovered that in the years since I left school I have forgotten all the gramatical terms and definitions I needed to make my case. I thought "How ironic". But is that situation ironic? PS: apologies if I made any grammatical errors in this post. How ironic would that be?!

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