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Is it Ironic that the Moral to the Story isn't ironic? Or is it? Story of Irony Incident of Superstition One of the greatest incentives in being reared on dirt roads was taking the wheel at the age of too damn young to drive. Mom hated driving but liked to go joy-riding for berries against fences on back roads when Dad was at work. The car was a vintage, Dodge Dart, that neither of us had no business in that day. We had been warned. Mom was certainly the most superstitious in the family. She was just strange over much to do about nothing really. This is why her view of black cats left me vexed, in that she held no contempt of them in any perceived fate. This notion of scary paths to cross came directly from a boy in the neighborhood that was dating a good friend of mine; he was ghastly alarmed of black cats and their strange comings and goings, and warned anyone who would listen. You see, his granny had a run-in with one right before his pappy had passed just two days before the incident, and five of his Uncle Joe's best chickens went missing. I was strikingly convinced. During the drive Mom was completely spaced off, looking out the window for the next batch of road side berries. I was immediately wary as I saw him pass before me. My blood ran as cold as November's witch at the height of July. Suddenly, I felt like a quail hiding from the hunt; needing to freeze, yet adhering to tear out of the brambles in screaming torment with every foot that fell near. I was petrified. I turned to my mother for guidance to no avail. There was synchronized yelling, me, begging her to take the wheel, her, yelling back at me: Why! And how! And what the hell are you doing! At first she was in shock of the seriousness of it all. She hadn't spotted the cat until I pointed it out to her. After she saw it and realized the absurdity of my mind-set, she got tickled and started laughing. Witch. I couldn't believe it! What was I going to do? I couldn't cross the path and she was no help at all. Unassuming of the lengths I would go not to cross the dark shadow now standing at attention in a field athwart yonder way; she sat there laughing. Unbelievable! I'm sure the cat had heard the commotion coming down the road then jetted to a safe distance to watch the unfolding of his tomfoolery. No worries in the end though, Mom shut right up as I hit the ditch. Suddenly, I had decided on my own that the crossing of a cat's path wasn't going to get the best of me, or my daddy's chickens. However, later on that evening, we did have some explaining to do over all the scratches. Ruined my whole damn weekend. Moral to the Story: Superstition sucks, and there's no bad luck unless you bring your own. - See more at:

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