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Love, that is a very powerful word, very powerful emotion. Yes, she did fall in love with him. She has been talking with a professional since last summer over the myriad of feelings. The priest she has confided in for over a year said something very profound. He said that if she truly loves him, she will want what is best for him. His wife is best for him, he took her many, many years ago as his. He belongs to the wife, not this lady. She knows that down deep the gentleman really loves his wife, and the other lady does not want to take her from him. You belong to her, cherish her, love her, hold her tight. You don't know how hard that was to say. Please don't do anything that you will regret. Sometimes, pure love, binding love, is sacrificial. Love her, adore her. This lady speaking is crying her eyes out. Think of the son, think of her daughter. Saying all this is difficult, but we belong to other people. She always wanted to meet him so she could say this face to face and cry to him, cry in his arms. It hurts her so. With all these feelings in her heart for him, the funny thing is she could never call him by his first name. She was serious when she has said she has so much respect for him. One thing that she asks of him is to remember her. She will remember him. She is crying so hard she can hardly see to type. This is tearing her up inside. She still feels so strongly for him, but again, he belongs to someone else. She doesn't want to disturb that union. The ironic part to all of this is that she once said of the boy and the girl that "their relationship was too deep for their age. Perhaps if they had met when they were much older." Well, perhaps if we would have met when we were much younger. Ironic. She has met some Wonderful people through her daughter. You are at the top, kind sir. Again, she cries because she still loves him. Did you know I hate winter? You had the influence over me to make the winter, and all the seasons fly by. I care so much, I wish we could still talk, there will never be another one like you. Know that you mean so much to me, but you are hers, you are not mine, you belong to her. That's all she knows to say. I love you. Be good to your family. I love you. Please, let there be respect and peace be amongst us. She will always think of him, she still cannot receive the communion during Mass because she thinks of him so much. Love your wife, protect her, cherish her. Again, you don't know how hard that is to say. I love you. I am weeping. Love her just the same. Just please, remember me. Thank you for all your time, all the many tines, MY KIND SIR. Peace be with you. So hard to say goodbye, my love.

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