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A woman just wants to say something to a gentleman that she was never able to say, but had always wanted to. Please hear her out. This gentleman was a very successful, accomplished, intelligent man, she rarely met someone that had impacted her life so. They had many correspondences together and she learned of his many accomplishments. But of all those correspondences a couple meant the most. That was when the gentleman was vulnerable with her and told her of some of his shortcomings and trials. Those were so dear to her. The trust he placed in her. So I guess the irony comes in cherishing the honesty of failings rather than the glory that comes with success. Even though she may have no further contact she wanted to tell him so. She wants to also thank him for being the one that helped her through a very, very difficult time two years ago. In the movie Harvey she has under her quotations, James Stewart talks about "being strangers then becoming friends. Hopes and regrets, big terrible things they have done and the great big things they are going to do. All very large, because nobody ever brought anything small into a bar." Well, kind sir, nobody ever brought anything small to a computer screen. Thank you for your time. She also wishes they could part with a spirit of mutual respect, and that there is no ill will between them. She wishes for nothing more than peace. She means this most sincerely. Peace be with you.

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