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Ironic Questions: Health

Is It Ironic That...?

251 An anaesthetist at my local hospital is called Remedy Paine?

252 the treatment for dropping a block of ice on one's foot is to ice the injury?...

253 A mute person says to a deaf person that a blind person is spying on him...

254 Clothes that dont fit.

255 A wet towel

256 Two guys walk past a hole and say "mate.. I wouldn't wanna fall down that hole" and then they do. LOL...

257 When you think about sleeping, you don't sleep.

258 I can eat lots of bread all the time and not get sick,but if I eat even a little tuna macaroni with ketchup and hummus I get sick right away?...

259 a guy falls but doesn't hit any part of his body

260 someone comes home from a doctors appointment and gets sick.

261 ...a little pain never hurt anyone?

262 I called the creator of a 'worst-looking' competition hideous, then was actually voted the worst looking?...

263 Americans enjoy Cuban cigars above all others. And yet consistantly attempt to bring down the entire country....

264 the doctor died of sickness

265 it seems like parents these days are younger than their own children